Python's Enum makes me (a little) angry

Python's Enum makes me (a little) angry

Python implementation of Enum screams “design by comitee” to me. Enums are supposed to work as replacements for constants in a file, why on earth printing an item doesn’t return the value?

Conditional Python dependencies

Python 3.8 is almost here, so I've started adding it to my tox.ini files. Soon, however, I found a problem. One of my testing dependencies is PonyORM, a library that doesn't work with Python 3.8 yet. It's not even a hard dependency, just needed for a couple of tests, but it's making the whole library un-installable, and thus un-testable, on Python 3.8. What should I do? Cancel any testing in the upcoming Python version until all…

A master mold for Python packages

Maintaining several Python libraries is hard. Keeping up with the current Python packaging trends makes it harder. But it doesn't have to be like that with the help of a little automation.