Hi, I'm Juan-Pablo Scaletti

I am founder & CTO of Lucuma labs, maker of software, love coffee, good movies and books than eventually became movies.

I write essays on this site. You can contact me there o email me to juanpablo@jpscaletti.com.


I am the creator of several open-source Python libraries, the infrastructure software that we use to build all our products at Lucuma labs.

You can see the complete list at GitHub, but here are some of my favorites:

  • AuthCode

    AuthCode is a powerful but elegant auth library for web sites or applications.

  • Clay

    Clay is a tool that allows you to design complex web sites, focused on rapid changes and modular development.

  • Moar

    Moar is an on-the-fly image thumbnailer for handling images from your template code, not the backend.

  • Voodoo

    Voodoo creates projects from local or remote project templates.

  • SQLAlchemy-Wrapper

    SQLAlchemy-Wrapper A friendly wrapper for SQLAlchemy.

  • MailShake

    MailShake Dramatically simplify sending emails from your Python app.